i make stuff

howdy im oontzie and i make stuff like 3d models and umm yea hehe...

commission stuff

current queue time:
~6 months


starts at $880

Model with a rig complete with dynamic bones and toggles. Comes with 5 expressions, and 2 simple accessories.

Imported into VRChat for you!

Able to be imported with VSeeFace for Vtubing!


extra expression$25
complex detail$25
full visemes$25
clothing outfit$125

terms and conditions

by commissioning me you agree to all terms on here.
all forms of art created by me are owned by me. this includes any file, texture, model, rig, or any other asset used in the creation of such art.
all works are able to be reposted by me to platforms such as twitter, artstation, furaffinity, or any platform of my choosing.

you mayyou may not
repost art you commissioned from me with credituse my work in relation to hate speech
use files for educational usessell or resell my works
modify files after obtaining themyell at me :(

References are required
I also limit the amount of edits per phase to about 3-5 depending on how big the edits are. This is due to the "no limit" being abused. Please make sure you state what you want clearly, and provide references just in case.

As for payments, I prefer full payment upfront. If not, I do require at least half at the start, and the other half within a month. There is also a $250 non-refundable downpayment. It is included in the price (i.e if you just get a $850 rig, it will still only be $850).

my very cool art

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